This fashion piece was created using one of my photographs that I took using the graffiti etched bus shelter window as a lens.  I decided to produce it in the form of a tuxedo style jacket. 

I did everything except tailor the jacket. I printed the image digitally on to the fabric. I also made the buttons as I wanted fabric buttons.  


The next step is to use more of the images of vandalised bus shelters for a greater variety of prints. I am aiming to produce classic men and women's designs. Each garment will be unique even if the same image is used, it will not be placed and constructed as a mass produced design.


This is a photograph, a wearable photograph. just as my wall art are images taken using the bus shelter graffiti etched window as a lens. Likewise these images are produced with the same technique the only difference is they don't include people in them. 

I decided not to create avant-guarde  wear, in the same way that I confine the chaotic view of  the graffiti in my photography within the confines of the square format photograph, I wish to containing that energy within the formal lines of traditional clothing such as the tuxedo. Therefore, my primary range design  will be looking at classic clothing such as that of the 1950's. However, I will be open to persuasion.  

saatchi art.png