A Bee stencil I created that uses the abstract design  Fragmented Jack an abstract image I captured and adjusted the colours to be like the Union Flag 

I've up until now not wanted to have to much influence on the images I've captured on my camera. I've wanted the aesthetics to be as close to the original. I was inspired by an artist ( who followed me on Instagram and in an attempt to look like they have  millions of followers and not following many back, then unfollowed me.) He used a stencil on top of an abstract colourful design. I thought this may work for me, I wanted something that could give my designs some more millage in respect of fabric prints. 

I have been experimenting, most of the designs at the moment have become wall art. the butterfly and homeless person in a sleeping bag. I'm working on designs that can add a little something extra to a garment without overtaking the main concept. 

Stephen Calcutt:

  • contemporary art

  • art installation


  • wearable art clothing

  • fine art photographer

  • fashion design artist

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