This is the Mango Ha Ha Ha logo that represents the artwear created by Stephen Calcutt, the graffit etched windows abstact scrawls converted into bespoke artwear
Stencil of artist Stephen Calcutt
BuStopia Projection

Some stills and post show photos  that capture the film loop I created. I used  some of the photographs of graffiti etched windows scratch's and scrawls that flicker through out the film like a broken neon light. 

Snapshot 15-11-2020 1514.jpg
Snapshot 15-11-2020 1513.jpg
Snapshot 15-11-2020 1513 (2).jpg
Snapshot 15-11-2020 1512.jpg
Snapshot 15-11-2020 1512 (1).jpg
The Window Maze part of the BuStopia art instalation and fashion show Stephen Calcutt artist and photographer

Photography copyright   Monica VacIu 2020