Sound wave mango ha ha ha


Mutitones is the new name for Mango Ha Ha Ha music. The music style will not change its just the name 

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Mango Ha Ha Ha Music

Mango Ha Ha Ha is a music project that started well before BuStopia. These are some of the tunes I have created so far. My influences are broad, from Kraftwerk to Salsa. Some of the music was once described as like being at a wedding and a funeral at the same time.


The music I use for the photo burst clips is also by Mango Ha Ha Ha …


'BuStopia' (volume 1)will be the first album released by Mango Ha Ha Ha. It will be available as digital downloads or the whole album  a tangible physical USB card. This will include a poster, stickers and pin badge/s.


You can check out the tracks here, you can also  purchase just the digital downloads.