BuStopia :Art Installation Fashion Show


March 7th  2020


Time: 14:00 -16:00


Venue: Direct Art Action Gallery in Sutton Coldfield




UPDATED 16/01/2020

I’ve now got enough female models, just need to get potential male models now

As voluntary would suit local to Birmingham Sutton Coldfield





I’m looking for three volunteer models


  • I’m looking for three male models.

  • You must fit the measurements provided below.

  • There is a theatrical element to this show set within an art installation. You must have acting skills or at least the confidence to present specific emotional states for this show.


Model criteria

The clothing is based on classic designs such as the tuxedo jacket and formal skirts. I’m intentionally playing with these clean-cut garments as the fabric print is derived from vandalism. I’m containing the wildness of the graffiti in these clean-cut garments.


Jacket (male model)

  • Chest:   105.5cm

  • Waist: 98cm





  • This isn’t your traditional catwalk event, it is part of an art installation and require some acting. The first part you need to portray anxiety and agitation, the second part express empowerment like you’re on top of things. I have already created a short advert based on this concept. if you are interested, I will provide a link so you can see the advert, the model in the advert expresses theses emotions very well.


If you wish to take part, I will send you a link to an advert that has already been produced with this theme.  I want the models for this fashion / art show way to present themselves as the model in this advert does.

I’m being specific with criteria for this due to it being a small show on a small budget.





UPDATE: I have some one for clothing but still looking for shoes and accessories.



  • Would you like to present your work as part of an art installation / fashion show?

Do you have a range that is contemporary, formal and in white?

  • If so, I’m looking for designers whose work will compliment my art-wear as part of my art installation fashion show BuStopia. This event is a showcase for my art work partially in the form of a fashion show that is set within an installation I’m creating based on bus shelter windows.


  • There is a story behind the clothing I have produced that will play out at this event.

  • The fabric is printed with my photographic artwork. I use the graffiti vandalised windows of bus shelters as a lens, transforming the energetic swirls and scratches into vibrant energetic abstract prints, confined within classic cut tuxedo jacket and formal skirts.

  • There is a story which is rooted in a person starting off overcome with anxiety / depression they are dressed in white. They are initially

  • Therefore, I’m looking for clothing that is going to be supportive of the wild fabric print. white clothing that is contemporary but quite formal.


UPDATE: I have a makeup artist now






  • This is an opportunity for you to help bring to life an innovative and unique event that fuses art with fashion.


  • Unfortunately, due to this being a self-funded project I am not able to pay anyone for their participation.


  • However, this is a showcase of my work I aim to get funding and support for a larger version of this event all those who help with this showcase will be first to be contacted for future events that are funded.


Please send:


  • I will send you a link to an advert that has already been produced with this theme.  I want the models for this fashion / art show way to present themselves as the model in this advert does.

  • Send a CV of your experience

  • Send up to five images as examples of your work


Contact me


Please email me with your interest and any questions  via the contact me page on my website: www.stephencalcutt.com






Deadline for submissions:  20/01/2020

Brief as word document here:

saatchi art.png